The Northernmost reaches of the world – beyond the Watch Heights and the reach of the Empire of the Crimson Moon – are named Xanthar.

This vast region is only sparsely inhabited; the people of Xanthar (who share the name of their homeland) live in small villages and towns, or nomadic communities.

No one power rules Xanthar; the region is divided into countless small fiefdoms and Jarldoms. Some settlements recognize a Great Jarl, the strongest of their leaders, to whom others will grudgingly offer support in times of existential threat. However, the vast majority of the North is not claimed by any power; the people of these lands fend for themselves.

The wildlife of the North includes many notable creatures. Great bears, wolves, elk and other woodland denizens are commonplace. Rarer are the herds of ceoloth, the huge woolly rhinoceros native to the region. Rumors persist in Imperial lands of great wyrms in the Northern lands that will fight at the command of the King of the Xanthar; but these claims have never been substantiated.

The forests and hills of the North are littered with the ruins of past civilizations. No comprehensive archaeological survey has been done of these, but a few observations are recorded in the most widely-respected travelogue kept by a vistor to the North, 142 Days Among Crows.

Haskar is situated in the North Western region of Xanthar.


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