The Order of the Imperial Citadel

While the Imperial priesthood can be seen as the Emperor’s left hand, the faith which shield’s the Empire from demons, heathens and disorder from within, the Order shall be his right, a steel fist, an extension of his will and his greatest weapon.

The order itself consists of many groups all working under one banner. While not every group has a public face, each of them are essential to keeping the stability of the Empire both within and without.

Factions within the Order of the Imperial Citadel include:

The Cabal
The Vadam
The Valeem
The Larus

The Larus, Vadam and Valeem are the public faces of the Order with the Larus and Vadam being both martial factions tasked with the defense of the Empire while the Valeem are the female equivalent of the male priesthood.

The Order of the Imperial Citadel

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