Sea of Drifting Ice

The Sea of Drifting Ice is the body of water that lies to the North of Xanthar. Cold beyond imagining, the sea is only traversed by the bravest and hardiest sailors.

The sea is perilous here; icebergs, blizzards and winter storms threaten the safety of ships, and monsters from the depths are said to pluck sailors from the decks. Those that fall overboard seldom survive the frigid waters.

Despite the hostility of these seas, they teem with life – fish, whales, seals and other sea creatures live here. Those living on the shore of the Sea make a living claiming the bounty of these waters. It’s a hard life, but relatively lucrative – skins, blubber, meat and ivory fetch a fair price from traders.

Haskar is the largest known settlement that lies on the Sea of Drifting Ice; the fjord of Haskar is a wide, deep inlet between high rocky hills, kept clear of growlers (submerged icebergs) and other navigational threats by crews appointed by the Jarl. Traders can often be found here throughout the year.

Sea of Drifting Ice

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