Jarl's Great Hall

The Jarl’s Great Hall in Haskar – properly named Finvadur’s Hall, but few people use the full name – is built of wood on foundations of stone, with a high thatched roof. It stands atop Finvadur’s Rock, amid the waters of the Bay of Haskar.

The Great Hall is the heart of the compound atop Finvadur’s Rock. Most of the day’s activity takes place within the hall during winter months. It is here that meals are taken in the company of the household. The hall is always warm, and the great fireplace in the centre of the hall is seldom unused.

On feast days and special occasions, banquets are held in the Great Hall. Four times a year, on the eve of each Solstice and Equinox, the Jarl hosts a great banquet for the people of Haskar – most of the prominent townsfolk and their families are invited, crowding the hall with merrymaking. Other special events often take place in and around the hall; weddings take place in the Spring on the steps of the hall, and the arms of Haskar’s warriors are displayed on its walls when they fall in battle; their deeds woven into tapestries or carved into stone and wood for display.

The majority of the household servants and minor family members sleep within the great hall (especially during winter months, when it is often warmer than other parts of the household). The Jarl himself and his immediate family have separate rooms in the Jarl’s Household. Visitors usually stay within the Great Hall, but a very important guests are granted private rooms.

Jarl Finvadur, the grandfather of Jarl Thrain, built the Great Hall.

Jarl's Great Hall

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