The Jarl's current wife


Lisbet is Jarl Thrain’s third wife. They have been married for three years.

Thrain is considerably older than Lisbet, and she is keenly aware of the legacy of his first two wives, each of whom bore him several children and whose memories are manifest throughout the Jarl’s household.

She also resents Aveline for her past closeness to the Jarl, which is well-known in the household. She suspects – although, so far as anyone knows, is not certain – that the Jarl is Oleg’s father.

Lisbet was aware when she married Jarl Thrain that the children of his first two marriages would take precedence in succeeding him; she has a cordial relationship with the two sons that remain in Haskar. She has not borne the Jarl any children of her own (although may have children from a previous marriage).


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